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Kolam No.403

11 - 6 interlaced dots (Idukku Pulli) Kolam.

Start with 11 dots in the center and stop at 6 by putting interlaced dots at both sides as shown above.

Join dots and draw outer lines and put some flower designs in between as shown above. Erase the visible dots and draw thick lines. Fill with desired colour powders.


Ahila said...

Very Nice. hope you have drawn this using photoshop or Autocad. can you please tell me how to draw kolam in computer using the software. I just need the steps for a simple kolam. Please help me.

Kamala said...

Thank you Ahila. I am drawing all my kolams in "MS Paint" only. No autocad or photoshop drawing. I am also searching for a good kolam drawing softfare, but I do not find.

Bhuvana said...

Hi Kamala,

But, how its coming this much clear in paint? Can u please explain step by step?

Bhuvana said...

Hi Kamala,

Can u please clear by step by step drawing in MS paint?

Kamala said...

Hi Bhuvana,

I have already posted the step-by-step drawing. I am not sure what more you are asking. Can you please clarify?

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