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Kolam No.374

14 - 14 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) & interlaced dots (Idukku Pulli) Kolam. First put 14 parallel dots - 14 lines giving enough space between dots. Then put 13 interlaced dots in between the lines.

Join dots as shown above.  I have put lotus and floral design on the remaining dots on all the corners and in the middle.  You can join the left out dots as per your design.


Unknown said...

This looks like an extremely complicated kolam, but is amazingly beautiful.

Could you post one or two pics on how to start with this kolam? This is just because I can't figure how to start with this looking at the end image.

Kamala said...

Hi Dharmarajan,

Thank you for your interest in this Kolam. I have posted two pictures of the above kolam to figure out how to start. Hope it will be of some help to you.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much!

It definitely helped.

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