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Kolam No.212

16 - 4 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam.

Start with 16 dots - four lines. Leave one dot at both ends and stop at 4.

Join dots as shown above and fill with desired colour powders.


Sapadu to random musings.😁 said...

I googled kolam and ur blog popped up. It was very useful for my kolu kolam. Tried two of urs.. Came out pretty well for the first try itself.
I am attaching the link where I posted the pictures of those kolams. Thanks again.
BTW wanted to ask wht software u use to design these kolams. Simply awesome and ur blog is very useful

Kamala said...

Hi Lahari,

Welcome to my site. I checked your link and the kolams are really pretty. I draw my kolams in ms paint only. However, when we draw on the floor using rice flour, it will be more pretty to look.

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