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Kolam No.91

21 - 7 interlaced dots (Idukku Pulli) Kolam.

Start with 21 dots in the center and stop at7 by putting interlaced dots at both sides as shown above.

Join dots and put extra dots in the four corners as shown above.

Erase the extra dots around the Kolam.

Join the four dots inside the box as shown above, or erase the four dots as shown below.

Draw thick lines and fill with desired colour powders. To highlight the dots, I have given more space between the dots. If you put the dots little close, you will get perfect size.


Unknown said...


Can u pls highlight the dots...Tried a lot not able to get it..

Kamala said...

Hi Krishna,

Thank you for visiting my site. I have highlighted the dots and given step by step joining. Hope you will get it.

Sowmya said...

Hi mam.....ur blogs r quite easy to try....nd its color selection s quite splendid......its v useful,i go craze wit these things......cn u post sum more interesting blogs with flowers etc.....so tat i wil b useful 4 tis markazhi month..........

Kamala said...

Hi Sowmya,

Thank you for visiting my site and your comments. I have already posted kolams with flower designs. Please check all my kolams. I will also post more kolams for this Margazhi.

push said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this useful and attractive and interesting posts from you. keep it up.

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