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Kolam No.444

19 - 9 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam.

Put 19 dots - 9 lines.  Leave 5 dots at both ends and put six lines at both sides as shown above.

Join dots as shown above.  Erase the left out dots and draw thick lines.  Fill with desired colour powders.


Swarna said...

Hi Kamala,
I have learnt lot of designs from your site, thank you.
I wanted to know about small designs like shanku, chakra, swastik which we generally put in a line before god.
If you can let us know the simple ways to draw it, it would be helpful.

Bhuvana said...

Hi Kamala,
my mail ID is: bhuvaneswarig16@gmail.com. please let me know how can we draw Kolams..

Bhuvana said...

Hi Kamala,

Your Kolams are really superb. Please let me know who to draw a kolam in system.

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