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Kolam No.302

12 - 4 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam.

Put 12 dots 4 lines. Then leave one dot at both ends and stop at 4 by putting parallel dots at both sides as shown above.

Join dots as shown above and draw thick line. Fill with desired colour powders.

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ram_soft2003 said...

Extra ordinary kolam maami. hats off to you. I recently saw a kolam image which as drawn in thiruvannamalai. The artist had drawn a big shivalinga along with siddar idaikaadars image. I am not sure how they draw such pics in kolams. Could you please shed some light on it? Also I am looking to draw sri chakra kolam with 43 triangles and center bindu and outer lotus with walls. Would you be able to guide or draw that too?


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