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Kolam No.261

17 - 3 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam.

Put 17 dots in the center - 3 lines. Leave one dot at both ends and stop at 3.

Join dots as shown above. Draw thick lines. Erase the remaining dots. Fill with desired colour powders.


Ihsir said...


Being a tamilian I never had access to such a wide variety of kolams. simply thrilled at this collection came across.Wonderfully put together by you. kudos for your effort.

I never knew about these pullis etc either.Would like to learn more.U have helped awaken the zest for learning this almost forgotten art ! thank you so much


Kamala said...

Hi Shreelata,

Welcome to my blog. Yes, as you rightly said this art is almost forgotten. However, still people in India, especially southern India, drawing these kolams atleast on festival days. During the Tamil month Marazhi, you may see all these colourful kolams on the streets of Tamilnadu. The purpose of my blog is to keep all my known kolams in place.

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