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Kolam No.80

17 - 5 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam

Start with 17 dots - 5 lines. Leave three dots at both ends - 3 lines. Repeat this and stop at 5 dots - 3 lines as shown above.

Join dots as shown above.

You can also join the edges as shown above or with any suitable designs of your choice.


Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,
please show kolam no,80 and also 93 I with lines and illustrate. It is a bit difficult when it is coloured and not shown with dots and lines.
Also please inform your admirers if we can participate in any Rangoli competition by drawing them and colouring or decorating with flowers. If we are not allowed, we will not do it.
Thank you.

Kamala said...


I will give the details of dots and lines. Regarding participating in rangoli competition by drawing the kolams, I wish to tell that "Kolams" are learnt from the elders and from the Kolam books and some invented by individuals. It is an art like cooking and anybody can try this. It is not anybody's property. However, copying as it is from one blog to another is copyright violation (people are doing this and I am seeing my kolams in so many blogs as their own).

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