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Kolam No.68

18 - 6 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam.

Start with 18 dots - 6 lines. Leave two dots at both ends and two lines and stop at 6as shown above.

Join dots as shown above and erase the remaining dots.


Anonymous said...

please give details of dots image.
very nice master piece

Kamala said...

Thank you for visiting my site. I have given dots and step by step joining of the dots. Hope it would be helpful for you to draw this kolam.

Meena Mano said...

Hi kamala,
Your blog looks great. Hats of to your creativity........Keep going....The way of displaying the kolams are amazing. Good job!!!!!!

Kamala said...

Hi Poorvisha,

Thank you for visiting my site and your comments.

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