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Kolam No.36

26 - 6 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam.
Start with 26 dots - 6 lines. Leave five dots at both ends and put five lines and stop at 6 dots by putting parallel dots at both sides as shown below:

Join dots as shown above.

Erase the left out visible dots and draw thick lines.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kamala
All of your kolams are very nice.
I want to learn this kolam no.36
Can u please explain this like your other kolams?
Thank You.. By Chitra

Kamala said...

Hi Chitra,

Thank you for visiting my blog and your interest in Kolam. I have reposted this kolam with step by step drawing. Hope it will help you.

Padmashri G said...

Hi Kamala,

The step by step procedure for the Kolam 36 made it very easy for me to learn. Also one small suggestion to the Kolam 36. Rather than removing the extra dots U can actually make a sosthic in 2-4-4-2 pattern that remains in the centre.
If I am wrong pl correct me.
Thank U,
Padmashri G

Padmashri G said...

Hi Kamala,

Kolam 36 was awesome. I was able to learn it easily due to step by step procedure. Great for ur efforts.
Also, a small suggestion for the Kolam 36. Correct me if I am wrong.
Instead of erasing the extra dots, U can draw a swasthik for 2-4-4-2 dots that is present in the centre or some good pattern of one wishes

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